Serving The Almighty Risen Savior


1st:  Final payment for beach trip.
Tues. 10th: Bible Study at 10:30am.  Food provided.     
Fri. 20th: SCAM JAM - 10am - 2pm - Hickory Metro Center - Lunch provided.
Tues. 24th: Bible Study at 10:30am.  Food provided.
Mon. - Fri. 7th - 11th:  Senior’s Beach Trip. Loading buses 8am
Sun. 20th: Homecoming
Tues. 22rd: Bible Study at 10:30am - Food provided.
Tues. 5th:  Fall Trip - eating out.
Tues. 19th:    Bible Study at 10:30am - Food provided.
Wed. 27th :  Prepare Thanksgiving meals for shut-ins.
 Tues. 10th: Senior Christmas Event
 Wed. 25th:  Merry Christmas!

 Exercise classes every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00am.  Location to be announced.
 **Things are subject to change due to new events being added.


Exercise Classes  held  every Tuesday and Friday at 10:00AM in the lower Fellowship Hall

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